Welcome to Mara’s Bake Shop, where our best-in-class baked goods are inspired by cultures, languages, and diverse food traditions.

“… I’ve spent six months experimenting with ingredients to produce new recipes using organic and/or unrefined ingredients. To make available my products to those with dietary restrictions/preferences, I’ve developed some Gluten-free and Vegan options of several of my creations.”

About Mara’s Bake Shop

Meet Mara Applebaum, the founder of M Bake Shop.

I grew up in southern California with parents from Toronto Canada. I learned to bake quite early in life – not by doing, but by watching my mother, and grandmother who would visit us several times a year. It was through this observation that I developed a true passion, curiosity and lifelong investment in the art of baking.

My mother was a member of Hadassah, a Zionist women’s organization founded over a century ago with an unwavering commitment to women’s health and well-being, to Israel, and to Jewish values.

Featured Product
Carrot Cake Loaf

This Carrot loaf is light and airy with a delicately sweet flavor complimented with a classical cream cheese frosting. This can be personalized with a variety of Add Ins.