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Established 2020

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Meet Mara Applebaum, the founder of M Bake Shop.

I grew up in southern California with parents from Toronto Canada. I learned to bake quite early in life – not by doing, but by watching my mother, and grandmother who would visit us several times a year. It was through this observation that I developed a true passion, curiosity and lifelong investment in the art of baking.

My mother was a member of Hadassah, a Zionist women’s organization founded over a century ago with an unwavering commitment to women’s health and well-being, to Israel, and to Jewish values. At that time, they raised money to support their causes with ‘dinner dances’, selling collective recipe books and bake sales, giving my mother a platform to showcase her baked specialties.

My grandmother (Bubby) was a Polish immigrant and brought with her many unwritten recipes from her country. When we were together, she would show me how to make Mandelbrot (almond bread) and Rugelach (fruit and nut rolled pastries), honey cake, and meringues to name a few.

Fast forward a few decades – I was working for a haircare company in New Jersey, managing a fairly large team and worked my way up the proverbial ‘corporate ladder.’ But the love of baking & generosity to share with others stayed true. Since 2010, I’ve been baking holiday treats for the team and various other groups within the campus. Each December, I would spend an entire weekend baking 12-14 different recipes of bite sized treats. After several years, I would have special requests from friends & colleagues. Each year I would add a couple of new recipes to my baking list, building quite a repertoire. Delivery of these boxes of treats became the holiday gift everyone looked forward to receiving.

After 30+ years working at the same hair care company, I found myself without a job; the Covid-19 pandemic offered me opportunity to apply my knowledge of hair science to food science. I’ve spent six months experimenting with ingredients to produce new recipes using organic and/or unrefined ingredients. To make available my products to those with dietary restrictions/preferences, I’ve developed some Gluten-free and Vegan options of several of my creations.

And I leave you with this,

I studied 3D art
My skill was hairdressing
I learned to love Hair Science
My inclination is to problem solve
I strive for perfection
My therapy is Baking

Welcome to M Bake Shop – take a look around + hope you enjoy what I have to offer.