I have been eating gluten free for years and finding baked goods is so difficult. Until NOW!
I have tried everything on the gluten free menu so far and each one has become my new favorite!  The attention to spices, texture, presentation are phenomenal. Mara is both artist and magician to create healthy food without sacrificing taste . Thanks so much Mara for including gluten free!    – Theresa S.



“Mara’s Bakeshop is near me so I picked up these rugelach on Saturday morning and then had a picnic.  Lesson learned:  buy MORE than you think you want because your friends will eat these quickly.  They’re addictive.  Fav is the orange marmalade.”    – Mehdi


Zucchini Bread –

“My husband’s verbatim:  ‘Oh My God!  How can this be made out of zucchini?  This is too good!’  And I agree.  The fluffiness is to the point.  The taste is sophisticated and simple at the same time!”     –  Camila F.


Banana Bread –

“Banana Chocolate Chip is absolutely beautiful!  Love the balance of flavor and the chewy texture”      –   Matthias


Carrot Cake Loaf –

“Mara is really good at hiding the sugar flavor.  Sweet but not obvious, and not screaming ‘sugar!!!’  This is a thumbs up!”           –  Carl


Ginger Snaps –

“OMG Mara!!! GINGER SNAPPPP, Oh snap!!! So GOOD!!! I can’t save any for my husband.  It’s not gonna happen….”                  – Heather L.


Cinnamon Nut Swirl Loaf –

“This Cinnamon Swirl stuff is perfect with the cinnamon sugar topping – great granular texture on top with the bread texture inside.”      – Carl